Brands under the sign of Corona

Whether Lake Constance or Lake Ontario, the Corona pandemic has a tight grip on the everyday lives of all of us. Even though, at KIEWEGUNDFREIERMUTH, it is our job to put things in the best possible light, we're certainly not going to pretend that the whole world is going to go back to normal very soon. Because, of course, the world has already changed fundamentally - and some of those changes are here to stay.

As people and as service providers, we are just as affected by the many restrictions, worries and uncertainties as the people around us. And that includes our customers. But it is precisely our day-to-day work, which we truly love, that allows us to look forward with confidence. And we think that especially in such challenging times as this nasty little troublemaker called Covid-19 brings, it's crucial to speak openly and clearly: we know that your company is also very likely to suffer many economic losses. That you and your employees are also worried, perhaps even fearing for livelihoods. We know that in view of the completely open development of the pandemic, you too will have to be cautious when it comes to investments, new markets, new concepts, and not least new advertising measures.

At the same time, we are convinced that standing still is the worst response to the pressing issues of the crisis...and that the masks we so desperately need in everyday life are of no help in brand communication. That's why we continue to meet you with openness when it comes to finding perfect solutions for your marketing, PR and advertising needs, even under crisis conditions. We are sure that we will find ways to show the face of your brand together, despite budgetary and personnel constraints your company is currently experiencing. Let's talk - with the necessary distance, but a lot of felt closeness...