Contagious Happiness

Why your budget is in good hands with us? Because with us, everyone does what they do particularly well: an excellent job. Whether in consulting, creation or production, we rely on permanent employees who love good ideas. And that's how we inspire our customers. For special requirements, we know the experts. Creative video production? Photography with a personal touch? We'll put together a complete and comprehensive communication solution for you.

The proper ingredients


Why we're the right agency for you? Because we listen, think along and think ahead. After all, we have over twenty years of experience in successful advertising. And while listening is good, asking and making sure is better. And that's what we do - until we have understood your needs and know what we can do for you. You can count on it.




Original ideas and good execution - that's what you rightly expect from a good advertising agency these days. But good is not good enough for us. We want to show you: Passion makes the difference. For us, advertising is a matter of heart - we are convinced of what we do. And we do everything we can to ensure that this spark is also jumps over to your customers. Take us by our word.


For more than twenty years, we've been convincing demanding customers with creative solutions, but never on beaten tracks. We work cost-sensitively and precisely, but, at the same time, with a lot of enthusiasm and without dull routine. You can rely on our promised deadlines and our cost quotations are binding. We are experts in our field, have a lot of experience and look forward to every new challenge. Try it!