Let's be honest: of course we want you to reliably achieve your goals together with us - which, above all, means reaching the minds and hearts of your customers. We also want you to never have to settle for off-the-shelf solutions. We use all our experience, and all the love for our job, to create advertising that leaves a lasting impression.

We, too, are always on the lookout for new ideas, new approaches and new challenges. Of course, we also want all of this to not cost you and arm and a leg, but be a real improvement to your business. But if we're honest, we think these aspirations should come naturally. What we strive for is to go beyond what is taken for granted.

Take hold of the wheel!

This is how you guide your brand to success.


Target your goals.

The expectations and wishes of your customers are what should determine your company's course. But do you really know exactly WHO your customers are? Because it could be many more than you think. We would like to help you determine your target groups exactly... and find out where you can find them.





All aboard?

Surely you have already dealt with these questions: WHAT do I want to stand for? Which values and goals should characterize my company? If your answers to these questions are still a bit vague - don't worry, that's completely normal! However, because of that, it is also normal that not everyone in your team is working in the same direction. Powerful teams need meaningful guidelines. We can help you to formulate your corporate mission and vision clearly - and to communicate them just as clearly, both externally and internally.





Finding your own path to success.

We know that you have extraordinary ideas and unique qualities. But: are you yourself convinced as well? Do you know exactly HOW you do things better than the competition? And, more importantly, are you confidently communicating what makes you special to your customers and partners? We help you determine your unique selling proposition with respect to key competitors, allowing you to chart your very own course for target-driven advertising with real confidence.










Keeping a tight ship.

Even the best values and objectives can become diluted over time. Eventually, this will make your company very difficult to predict, and thus also weakens the trust of customers and employees. A coherent marketing concept and effective advertising strategies can make an important contribution to the stability of your corporate culture. Because the way we at KIEWEGUNDFREIERMUTH understand brand communication, it is not about short-term sales, but rather about genuine market growth based on a clear brand identity - which only changes if you really want it to.










Smoothing the waves.

Customers like a calm sea. The best way to avoid a choppy course in your customer approach is to serve the interests of your target groups - and not the little vanities that every ambitious company indulges in. So: don't make unnecessary waves about what you are good at, but find out with us what your specific customer groups are really interested in... and how you can satisfy these interests without any detours.





Clear commands instead of sailor's yarn.

Advertising and marketing measures often fail because of ›too much‹: too much information, too many messages, too much that has been aimed for. Save customers and clients from an unnecessary sensory overload. A strong, central brand message is louder and carries further than a multitude of off-the-beaten-path 'benefits' and indirect incentives to buy. Here, too, you can rely on KIEWEGUNDFREIERMUTH as reliable messengers.











Flags, morse code, beacons?

The closer you are to the customer, the better your signals are perceived. We help you really address customers instead of just waving from a distance. For us, this naturally includes finding out which media and formats are best suited to your content and target groups.





Make your voice heard.

To avoid havoc in marketing and PR, it is essential that you communicate your positions clearly and consistently across all channels and frequencies. Of course, every advertising medium needs its own unique tone and design. But it is important to us that your central message always remains recognizable. Because only those who communicate consistently are perceived clearly - and taken seriously.





Set sail.

In the advertising and marketing industry, pilots all too often disembark too early...and companies then, fully loaded with ambitious plans, simply continue to anchor in the supposedly safe harbor. At KIEWEGUNDFREIERMUTH, we are only satisfied when concepts, campaigns and communication solutions are actually implemented - and have an impact. We make sure that your advertising, marketing and PR measures are not overloaded with garish colors and irrelevant images, but that your crucial content is communicated effectively.