Been a long time? But it felt good, didn't it?

Advertising as an elementary component of communication

May sound abstract, but it's actually quite simple, because advertising is a bit like courtship. If you ask Wikipedia, courtship includes "elements to promote couple strength or pair formation." Or to put it more simply, it includes all the behaviors that ideally lead to marriage, or at the very least, a lasting union.

And that is what advertising, as an elementary component of human communication, must be able to do. It should attract attention, win the favor of prospects and customers, and ultimately ensure a lasting bond between brand, product, and buyer. And preferably also a long-term relationship between you and us.

That's why we approach your advertising together. First of all, we define with you what you want to say - and to whom. Then we find the right channels to reach the people you want to connect with. In doing so, we master the entire repertoire, from ads to posters, online and offline media, radio and film, magazines and brochures, at the point of sale or at trade fairs, in corporate or editorial design.

Where the courtship was successful.