We don't know about you, but we remember 1994 pretty well, because that was the year we founded our advertising agency on the shores of Lake Constance. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, but the world was a very different place back then. Want some examples? With pleasure!

In 1994, about 3 million people were using the brand new browsers MOSAIC and NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR to navigate the, then still very small, Internet. There wasn't much to see at that point, only about 3,000 websites were online (for comparison: today about 4.5 billion people surf on 1.74 billion websites). In advertising, one of the really important topics in 1994 the state of ones hairstyle after crossing the Atlantic in a supersonic airplane.

The spearhead of mobile communication in our founding year was the IBM 'Simon Personal Computer', which weighed a full half kilo, had a display resolution of 160 x 293 pixels and a sensational memory of 1 megabyte (which is roughly the size of a small PowerPoint presentation). After all, it was now possible to send e-mails on the go for the first time. One didn't need much more, back than that in 1994, because YouTube and Facebook were still 10 years away ... and apart from the legendary GAMEBOY, gaming would remain a stationary affair for a long time to come: just in time for the Christmas business, SONY launched the very first PLAYSTATION.

As you can see, a lot has happened since 1994. In the world, but also our company: Because we are happy to have helped our diverse customers for more than two decades not to fall out of time and to meet the challenges of constantly changing markets, technologies and trends with smart, sincere and forward-looking brand communication. So behind every logo down here, there is not only exciting history. There's always an exciting story.