Doing what we love - since more than two decades

Our heart has been beating for good advertisement since 25 years, right here in Constance. Possible, that our legendary good coffee has played its part as well. What has certainly helped, however, is that we always utilized the advantages a small, but driven, owner-managed agency has. That's how we never lost the close relationhip with our clients - and that's how we keep getting inspired again, every day, by great people and new ideas.


At KIEWEGUNDFREIERMUTH we all prefer to roll up our sleeves rather than delegate. That way, our customers never have to wonder whom they can talk to. Because the answer would always be the same: Talk to us. Anytime. Because we keep our ears up, and hearts open - for our customers and every member of our great team. Ultimately, the best ideas develope where individual skill comes together to form a real community. And that's what we would like to convice you of.





Peter Kieweg


Consultants, Copywriters, Print- and Screen-Designers
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